Can you afford a couple hours a week?

Big Bam Ski Hill is a non-profit, community volunteer driven operation. Without your support, we wouldn't be here. Thanks to so many, Big Bam is back. But, we can't do it alone. We need help to build a strong base of support.

I would love to help! I just have so much going on as it is. What if I just show up?

No commitment required. We would love a break throughout the day. Come whenever you like.

I have a day off on Saturday, but I really wanted to ski during the day.

If you knew you were coming down and we could schedule you into a shift or two. We'll waive your rates for the day on the hill.

I would love to be there every Sunday to help out!

If you are able to commit a collection of hours through the season? We'll issue you a season's pass to enjoy on the days you aren't scheduled.

I'm dependable and well organized. You can count on me to be there as your go to person this season.

Awesome. Once trained and comfortable with the responsibility of a given operation your support will help our executive team relax enough to focus on other opportunities.

You will have a STAFF pass issued to you. Your family's rates are waived and are welcome to use the facilities at no charge.

I would love to volunteer, but really, I have no idea what is involved. I have never worked at a ski hill before and I have no idea what I can offer as a volunteer.

You're not alone. Send us an email, catch one of us at the hill, or just let us know you're curious. We would love to give you a walk through the operations, introduce you to each area and provide you an overview of what is involved.

I have kids, can I volunteer while they ski on the hill?

Only if you can accept that their skill level will far surpass your own after a couple weekends.

However, we are very supportive of those parents that choke up a little with a proud tear in their eye when they see their little ones ripping and shredding it up on their own.

How old do I have to be?

Really, there is a place for everyone. All sorts of jobs from tidying up, raking the snow, sweeping/shoveling the deck, validating passes, etc.

Each operational area has a mental or physical demand of its own that really require a level of competance to the role and level of responsibility.

But, if you want a hard fast answer, let's work with 16+ for the roles of core responsibility (Tow/Patrol/Rentals/Admissions/Facilities) and go from there.


Looking to help create an experience? Inspire behaviours for a safe, fun, and social environment?


MOUNTAIN RESCUE - Presence on the hill providing a secure environment for our users and inspire safe accident free behaviors. Please identify your level of First Aid, and/or if you are CSPS certified.

RENTALS / PRO-SHOP - Equip our guests with our brand new skis, boots, and snowboards supplied by Rossignol.

HILL & TOW OPERATORS - Ensuring users enjoyment and safety on the tow and hill. Be a host of the experience.

GENERAL MAINTENANCE - grounds, building, and equipment maintenance team required. Please identify your areas of expertise or interest.


Current Ski Conditions...

DAILY UPDATE (Last updated Feb 17 2019 at 10:56am):


The Big Bam Ski Hill is open for the season.

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Hours of Operation

The ski hill is open for winter recreation during the winter snow months:

CURRENT HOURS (Subject to change)

SATURDAY 11am - 6pm

SUNDAY 11am-6pm

**Hours may increase or decrease with more or less volunteers. Contact us if you would like to volunteer!